Driving Change With The Good Work Foundation

On a continent and, more specifically, in a country where access to education is still a major issue, Londolozi strives to achieve Nelson Mandela’s dream of educating the youth in the country.

The Good Work Foundation (GWF) is the main avenue through which the Londolozi Ripple Fund aims to reach this goal. It has been a model for enabling children from underprivileged communities to access world-class digital education. The GWF is changing lives every day. Walking through those doors has always been a very powerful feeling for all of us. Speaking to and interacting with the future leaders of South Africa is something we feel incredibly privileged to experience.

At the core of GWF’s mission is the transformation of education. Supporters of the GWF have various options to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the overall goals. And one vital aspect of their work that is often overlooked, but critical to achieving this mission, is transportation.

Across all six GWF campuses, the total cost for transport amounts to $160 000 (or roughly 3 million South African Rand) annually. This staggering figure underscores the importance of how transportation assists the GWF to reach and positively impact thousands of grade 4 learners each week.

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Imagine this. The arrival of a bus at a school sparks excitement and anticipation among children. This isn’t just any ordinary transport; it’s the gateway to a world of wonder-filled learning, and infinite inspiration provided by the GWF. For many children within a 20-minute radius of GWF campuses, this transport unlocks a journey to a space far beyond the confines of their everyday classrooms.

The Good Work Foundation collaborates with a network of 29 schools in the communities surrounding Londolozi, serving over 2,500 Grade 4 learners each week. These children are safely collected from their schools, and transported to GWF campuses to participate in the transformative educational programs before being safely returned to their schools. This simple act of transportation is a crucial link in the chain of the GWF’s impact.

At GWF campuses, children are immersed in a different kind of learning experience – it is one that ignites their curiosity, fuels their imagination, and leaves them feeling energized and inspired. It’s a chance for them to explore new horizons, discover their true potential, and dream of a brighter future.

Children eagerly await their turn to board the taxis or buses bound for GWF, their faces alive with anticipation. It’s a testament to the transformative power of education and the role that transportation plays in making it accessible to all ~ Kate Groch, GWF Founder & CEO

This is a vital aspect of GWF’s work. Without the transport service, thousands of learners would miss out on life-changing opportunities provided by the GWF each week. By specifically donating to the transport aspect of the Good Work Foundation’s program through the Londolozi Ripple Fund, you’re not just funding a ride; you’re fueling a journey of discovery, youth empowerment, and hope for the next generation.

Your contribution, no matter the size, enables GWF to continue providing transportation services that bridge the gap between traditional schooling and transformative experiences.

How to Contribute

  • If you would like some more detailed, one-on-one information, or if you would like to make a donation to the Londolozi Ripple Fund and start your own ripple effect, please reach out to us at ripple@londolozi.co.za
  • Donate to reimagining education with The Good Work Foundation (use the #Londolozi in the comments section)

Stay in the Ripple

To stay connected, we have established a Londolozi Ripple Fund Impact site and Instagram Page where you can follow regular updates on projects and donations as they unfold and follow work that has already been successfully completed. If you would like to receive the Londolozi Ripple Fund Impact newsletter, please let us know at ripple@londolozi.co.za

Together, we can drive the change and ensure that every child has the opportunity to unlock their full potential, one ride at a time.

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