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19th June 2022

Good Work Foundation,

The Good Work Foundation is committed to doing just that, Good Work. For many of the travelers to Londolozi, you would have experienced first hand the amazing work that the GWF is doing by bringing positive educational interventions to the rural South African communities in and around Londolozi. Over the course of 2011, the GWF has continued to expand rapidly with the development of the Madlala Digital Learning Center as well as the newly acquired Hazyview Learning Centre.

The mission of the Good Work Foundation is to assist and promote the transformation that needs to take place in South Africa. By partnering with individuals willing to invest in themselves and by providing opportunities and locations for education, the GWF aims to instill hope for the future of rural education in South Africa.

GWF learners
Learners at the Madlala High School

In addition to the new Learning Centres, the GWF now has its very own shiny new website. By CLICKING HERE you will be able to view all the projects in which the GWF is currently involved as well as be able to subscribe to their ongoing updates, stories and education victories. If you have experienced or played a part in the development of the Good Work Foundation in any way, we would love you to be a part of their online community. Visit their Facebook Page to LIKE the GWF.

Kate Groch with GWF learners
The Good Work Foundation’s Kate Groch with a team of learners

We at the Good Work Foundation believe that we need to start building people. We do this through education as we believe this is a way to influence and invest in young people and facilitate them towards becoming the best version of themselves and contributing members of their communities and South Africa. We also find those motivated individuals already working within their communities and empower them to become even more effective.

Linky Nkuna teaching at GWF
Linky Nkuna teaching a class of adult learners at the Madlala Learning Centre

With your continued support and help, the goal of the Good Work Foundation: To improve and broaden education for individuals and the learners in the schools and the areas in which we work, will continue to be realised and rapidly developed.

Join our global tribe: 

As a Londolozi Ripple Fund supporter you join a global tribe of people who hold the belief that the restoration of the planet can only come out of a profound shift in human consciousness. 

We have established a Londolozi Ripple Fund Impact site where you can follow regular updates of projects and donations as they unfold. 

For more information or if you would like to make a donation and start your own ripple effect, please reach out to us on

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